Another Side

Another Side was my first project I realised in Urbino. Its main inspiration is the movie Eclisse (1962) directed by Michelangelo Antonioni. Thanks to its revolutionary vision and the rejection of any convention the movie stands out as a cinematographic manifest. Like in the movie I wanted to represent a marginal space as protagonist, so I chose a decentralised area outside the Renaissance walls of the ‘ideal city’. 

In the movie I noticed a house that kept appearing all the time, but it was taken from so many different angles and in so many different ways that it looked like a different place every time. I thought was fascinating how the same place could be perceived as so many at once. 

I started taking pictures of a building I saw every day on my way home and I found it so magnetic without knowing why. And the more I looked at it, the more it fascinated me. I was so obsessed by that place that I photographed it day and night for months until I had enought and it almost nauseated me. Then I extended my research, trying to sharpen my gaze on those streets and surroundings.