Between artworks

The pictures are part of a project realized inside contemporary art exhibition spaces. The temporary space where an exhibition takes place creates a body of artworks and locations, whose contribution to art history enriches it with new meanings. One room after the other, the museum develops a new relationship with its audience, subverting the ordinary way of generating meanings. It turns the familiar into the unexpected. As Adorno said, alienation from the world is a crucial moment in art, because alienation itself becomes a vehicle conveying meaning. The artwork unveils the unexpected, generating a sense of strangeness: this attitude has been gradually absorbed by the walls hosting the artworks. This is what the space among the artworks is: a physical and mental zones of many different shades and contradictions, a curtain separating transition and coexistence, appearance and disappearance. It shapes our perception, and generates a multitude of apparently known realities that turn out to be always new to the observer.